As a kid, I was always focused on flavor.  I would separate my food to prevent it from mixing, avoid putting ice in drinks to keep them from getting watered down and even eat one food at a time to savor everything by itself.  I wanted to enjoy things the way the cook intended, so I could experience what the world thought was tasty.

Until one day I decided what was tasty for myself.

At age 12, while standing at a self-serve soda dispenser, I decided to mix every soda flavor together in my cup. It was bold and risky – especially for me – but resulted in a taste that I truly enjoyed.  From that point on, I was curious about not just original flavors but also about how flavors could be combined to produce new and delicious tastes. Cocomo is the result of that pursuit.

I hope you’ll join me for a cup or two while we continue this journey together.